UtL S3E6: Bad Milkshake

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On this Episode of Under the Library:

Jo and Sam are in Jo’s childhood home. As Sam returns from the basement, Jo struggles to find the strength to enter her old room. When she does, she finds a small wooden box under the dresser full of old keepsakes. It had been overlooked when the house was cleaned after the incident.

They prepare to leave the house, but Jo feels drawn to the basement. Although she sees no signs of violence, she cuts her thumb on the railing and the site of blood sends her back into her memories.

At the same time Buddy and Eddy see a struggling Lana dragged into the gas station. When they approach and find the station empty, they slip inside to investigate. Buddy finds a hidden stairwell leading down below the mechanics’ bays. When they hear voices and a slap, and Lana’s scream, they head down into the darkness.

At the Catholic convent, Sister Byelopushkin and Pappy decide to investigate Richard’s house. As they walk, Pappy shares his true identity as a member of a secular organization called the Council of Parapatetics, that investigates evil in the world. He’s under cover as a hobo and his real name is John.

They arrive at the house and it looks and feels vacant. Pappy knocks on the back door and when he doesn’t get a response, he motions Sister B over. The door is locked, but Pappy is able to enter through an open window. He finds himself in Richard’s bedroom, looking at chalk outlines of bodies on the floor.


Under the Library, an actual-play Call of Cthulhu podcast, where cosmic horror is steeped in mystery and slathered with self-deprecating humor. Our main storyline, a sandbox created by our Keeper (Michael), is set in (a fictions) 1942 Los Alamos NM and follows the misadventures of Boone (Chris), Jo (Emily), Culligan (Scott), Bello (Rick), Rutherford (Wayne), and Franny (Artur). We focus on narrative, improv, and character building. We may stick our heads in front of a train because that’s what our character would do, and when we look under the bed even the Keeper may not know what we’ll find. We’re crafting a story, creating flawed characters, suspenseful events, and fulfilling revelations. Call of Cthulhu is a horror TTRPG; characters die horribly graphic deaths. It’s for mature audiences, but played by immature people.

Background art on YouTube courtesy of the brilliant artist Andrii Shafetov.

https://www.artstation.com/andriishafetov & AzDimension Virtual Technology from their game The Last Dead End available on Steam.